Read About the Support on Offer for Volunteers and Deliverers of Sport & Activity

During this difficult time it can be particularly challenging for our Devon Workforce. By this we mean people who support the delivery of sport and activity through clubs, organisations and small businesses. Plus, individuals who deliver coaching and lead activities. It can also mean people who kindly volunteer their time to help others to be active. 

Right now, many clubs and self-employed coaches may be struggling to keep afloat whilst all sessions have been suspended.  

To help our local sport and activity Workforce we have outlined below areas of national support. In addition, we have provided you with some tools, resources and useful advice. 

Planning for the Future

Many of us will be experiencing difficulties, whilst observing current protocols and helping others in our families and communities. As a change of thought perhaps use this period to reflect on how you currently deliver or help activity take place. Then, start to plan for the future. 

What improvements could you make to your own personal development to help grow your skills?

For example, you might want to learn how to improve your digital skills to deliver online. Or gain more knowledge on a specific audience who you are looking to attract to your activities in the future. 

Preparing participants to come back to activity sessions will be a very important area to focus on as many people will be feeling unconfident and worried. Focusing on wellbeing has never been more important and growing those personable skills will help people reintegrate. 

If you are part of a club or organisation you may want to look at improving your marketing skills. This could help promote your activity and recruit new volunteers. Plus, finding ways you can make your session more inclusive to attract new participants. 

The Importance of Volunteering 

Volunteering has also been hit hard by this crisis. How are you able to help when there is no activity taking place?  

What we are seeing at the moment are people re focusing their efforts on supporting their local communities to survive the crisis. We believe that volunteering your time has never been more important in todays society. And, it will play a key future role in helping people to get or stay active.  

Have You Seen Our ‘Active for Good’ Page?

Supporting Devon’s Workforce and Volunteers is a big part of what we do. We have put together a range of tools and resources to help with the current crisis and also with planning for the future. Such as, advice on how to make your activity online, begin delivering online sessions  and offering online training and development opportunities 

You can also access relevant and useful information through our Active for Good page. This page is dedicated to supporting the varied Devon Workforce. We believe passionately on making all delivery of activity fully inclusive. And, helping deliverers and volunteers to keep growing personally or professionally. 

Throughout the coming weeks we will be adding new content to aid the local Workforce and to help keep us all connected. Starting with the Strength and Balance Awareness webinar for activity deliverers. Active Devon delivered the two part webinar in association with Later Life Training. For activity deliverers that were unable to attend, we recorded the webinar which you can access here.

Get In Touch With our Active Devon’s Workforce Support Team 

Our Workforce team are here to support Devon’s deliverers. Not just during this period but to help once your participants are able to return and start having great experiences again. 

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries or need some advice and guidance. You may just want to chat through your situation and explore ways we can support you. Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you.

Active Agents

Have you tried our fantastic new live-chat service called Active Agents yet? Active Agents is a great way for you to have a real conversation, with a real person from the comfort of your own sofa. It’s really easy to use and it’s free. The chat button is on every page of our website (that’s the button in the bottom right corner). Simply click on the icon to start chatting to the next available Agent.

Alternatively you can also send us a message through our Contact Us page or give us on a call on 01392 925150.

Are You Aware of the National Support Out There?

Sport England Announces £195 Million in Emergency Funding for the Sport and Physical Activity Sector

Click here to find out full details about available funding. Please also get in touch with our Active Agents if you would like advice on applying for this fund. 

UK Coaching

UK Coaching is offering coaches across the UK the opportunity to access to the Mental Health for Sport and Physical Activity online course for free. Coaches will be able to increase their knowledge of mental health, and confidence when applying the learning into their coaching practice.

Usually £18, the course is accessible via the organisation’s learning and development platform and will remain free of charge until the 31 August 2020. To find out more click here.

Club Matters

Club Matters offers free support, learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club. Their online modules provide interactive and informative support, giving you the opportunity to access information at a time and place that suits you. Click here to find out how they can help during this period. 


CIMSPA have created a hub where they have brought together advice and guidance to support those working in the sector. Click here to access. 


NCVO has lots of really useful information for those working in the voluntary sector and some guidance on volunteering during this time. Click here to access

Sport and Recreation Alliance 

The Sport and Recreation Alliance have set up a series of Catch a Coffee webinars to support their members through these challenging times. These are free to access for members. 

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshops 

Our traditional face-to-face Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop is now being delivered online. This move has been supported by the Child Protection in Sport Unit and bookings can now be made through our website here. The course is also still worth three CPD points as accredited by CIMSPA.   

UK Coaching – Curious Coaches’ Club 

Every Monday, UK Coaching are hosting a Curious Coaches’ Club for coaches to take part in engaging and insightful online coaching discussions. So, how does it work? 

  1. Coaches can watch and listen to ‘A Conversation About…’ between expert coaches, live on a Monday. Or, can catch up with the previous episode on-demand via 
  2. Once coaches have listened to the Monday webinar or watched it ‘on-demand’ they can then engage and take part in a more in-depth conversation about the topic. This takes place on the Wednesday or Thursday (the same week) via a smaller, informal ’community of practice’  hosted by one of the UK Coaching team.
  3. The conversation can also continue via Connected Coaches, their free online community for coaches of all sports and activities.  

More information on the Curious Coaches’ Club, including bookings and upcoming sessions can be found on their website here.  

During these strange and challenging times, we believe that:

“Everybody should stay at home and follow the latest government advice, protecting the NHS and saving lives. However, it is also more important than ever that people keep moving, as physical activity is crucial to good health and mental wellbeing. Throughout this crisis, here at Active Devon we’re doing all we can to support you, your family and your community, so that you have the tools and resources to remain active whatever the situation.” #StayInWorkOut