Take the Plunge to Naturally Help Manage Stress and Anxiety

The benefit of cold-water immersion for the treatment of depression and anxiety has long been known and practiced.  Despite that, diving into the sea in the middle of winter may not be everybody’s idea of fun.

However, there are many hardy souls who continue to get their costumes on and take the plunge whatever the temperature.  For them, it reduces stress levels in everyday life and generates a greater sense of wellbeing.

You may need a little encouragement to get involved, so we’re highlighting these group sessions run in North Devon by CHILL UK. They are funded through Active Devon and designed to help you safely take the first steps. You could also treat yourself to a cup, or flask of hot chocolate afterwards!

Cold water immersion can have many health benefits. However, it is important to be aware of the risks.

New swimmers should always take part with a recognised and experienced group. For anyone suffering from a health condition, it is advised to consult your GP beforehand. Participants should also acclimatise themselves with cold water gradually. These funded sessions have an experienced instructor and lifeguard present at all times.