Inspiring Youngsters to Get Active and Stay Active Through PE and School Sport

In our latest podcast Gareth Dix chats with Zoe Robertson. She’s a member of Great Torrington School PE team.

Zoe talks about inspiring children and young people to engage and experience sport and physical activity in a way that works for them.

The podcast draws out a reality that many have different memories of PE. Zoe highlights the difference between physical education for lifelong activity and sport as a means to perform.

As the conversation continues we learn about the inclusive ‘head, heart and hands’ approach to assessing sport and physical activity levels. There’s a connection to other subjects such as History, Maths or Leadership.

Zoe also touches on the impact of the pandemic and the part played by community and family environments in helping young people get and stay active. The conversation pulls out the importance of adaptability in being active, which could be as simple as going for walk in local places.

Finally, Zoe concludes by highlighting her passion to see young people simply ‘enjoy’ physical activity whilst balancing it with the right nutrition.

Zoe is also one of the local School Games Organisers or, as she prefers to call it, “the organisers of fun”.

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