The Whole Team

Jenna Berry

Business Operations Assistant

From the age of 3-17 I did Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Pointe.

Alice Upcott

Business Operations Assistant

I once organised a charity Tug Of War event, raising £1500 for Heartswell SW!

Claire Colman

Business Support and Finance Officer

I was the official page turner for the Military Wives Choir.

Rebecca Tregenna

Business Information Coordinator

Though born and bred in Germany, I have no interest in football!

Mark Tyler

Communications and PR Manager

I was a reporter for the ITV football programme ‘Saint and Greavsie’ and once [...]

Kate Came

Marketing and Campaigns Manager

I enjoy arts and crafts and can play the drums.

Emily van Vliet

Project Officer

I grew up living in an Outdoor Activity Centre in North Devon.

Lorraine Harris

Project Officer

I can walk on my hands and back in the day could do 24 backflips in a row!

Ben Hugill

Project Officer

My life ambition is to learn a musical instrument and I’m full of random facts!

Lisa Alford

Project Officer

Part of my previous job involved steering Her Majesty’s finest Warship (HMS Manchester [...]

Jason Wood

Programmes Manager

I am obsessed by Italy which includes learning the language and cooking italian recipes.

Karen Jones

Programmes Manager

I like to think I’m hard working and dedicated. Recently I was working quietly but late [...]

Louise Evans

Programmes Manager

I can lift more than my body weight above my head!

Tom Mack

Programmes Manager

I spent 4 months in the wilds of Mongolia on an environmental project. We rode horses everyday!

Sam Williams

Director (Enterprise and Communications)

I once, but unfortunately only once, played professional football. I was paid £10 and scored [...]

Hannah Worth

Director (Tackling Inactivity)

At the age of 10 I ran 10 miles to raise money for Children in Need. The bug stuck!

Jo Colin

Director (Strategic Relationships)

I can speak Te Reo Maori.

Gareth Dix

Director (Strategic Relationships)

I wrote a song that made unofficial top 10 of ‘tunes to make you happy’ in South [...]

Claire Beney

Director (Operations and Core Programmes)

I’m double jointed!

Matt Evans

Chief Executive

I once had to advise West Indies test cricket legend Desmond Haynes on how to bat!