Getting Active For Mental Wellbeing

“In the UK the national emotion is embarrassment and nowhere is that clearer than when it comes to issues around mental health” – Stephen Fry

“I learnt that I could reduce my anxiety through exercise and that piece of advice saved me” – Josh Jones, Exeter

The best advice you can give:

Talking to people, distracting them from their mood and getting outside, enjoying some air and some physical activity is a guaranteed way to manage anxiety or depression.Doctors now prescribe physical activity for better mental health!

Did you know…?

Suicide is the greatest cause of death in young men under 35 in the UK

• To self harm has now become a verb!

• 9 out of 10 people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination.

First steps

There are some really easy steps to help yourself or help someone else who is suffering from a mental health issue.

Talk – talk about how you are feeling and be open to them asking you how you feel

Listen – be a listener. There’s also a network of people who can listen and help.
Mind (

Get active – try different activities and find one you enjoy. There are local groups that are there to help people of all ages get better mental health through being active like walking football, walking netball

Get outdoors – go for a walk or try joining a group of walkers like Walking for Health
( Fresh air allows the mind to be freer.

Become a Champion – take the lead in your work or group. Champion better mental
health (www.