How to Film on your Camera

Top tips on how to film

Everyone can take video footage on their phone. It’s really easy. The information you capture from filming someone and interviewing them can be used in so many ways and are such a great ways for us to convey our work and messages. For instance from one piece of film footage we can:

  • Lift a quote and use it in written work
  • Lift the audio and use it to illustrate an idea
  • Create a video to showcase good work
  • Create a meme – short snippet to illustrate or advertise
  • Snapshot a still image for use across platforms

Top Tips


  1. Hold your camera landscape ie on its side
  2. Try to shoot in sunlight, as this will help give clarity and brightness to the images.
  3. However, try not to shoot into the sun as it will create a halo effect and wash out the subject in front of the camera.
  4. Keep the camera steady. Can you use a tripod? You may find tucking your arms into your sides helpful.
  5. Keep fingers clear of the lens


  1. Get a variety of shots – shoot wide shots, medium shots, then close ups (head and shoulders) and then a super close up (ie feet running, hands clapping) Getting a variety of shot sizes including different angles and different magnifications, will add interest and give more choices when it comes to editing stage.
  2. Take at least ten seconds of each shot before you move onto the next one.



  • Adjust your camera height to the eye level of your subject. We want to hear what people have to say and be able to see their expressions
  • Don’t record your subject in front of a window – the camera will make them dark and overbleach the light outside
  • Do shoot your interviewee in front of the action with which they are associated – it look visually more interesting and you can get into trouble with focus and shadows if you shoot against a wall.
  • Place your subject slightly left or slightly right of centre – it’s the rule f 3rds and helps to connect them with their surroundings, keeps the viewer interested and avoids it looking like a police mugshot!