A small group of schoolchildren are walking safely across the road with an instructor, as part of Walkability, a Child Pedestrian Training programme for Primary schools across Devon.

Introducing Devon’s Walkability Child Pedestrian Training Programme

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching Walkability, a brand-new Child Pedestrian Training (CPT) programme. Developed in collaboration with Devon County Council and Vision Zero South West, this structured programme is tailored to equip KS2 children (Years 3-6) with vital pedestrian safety skills – developing confidence and responsibility on their journeys to and from school.*

Empowering Safe Travels

The primary objective of the CPT course is to provide children with the knowledge, awareness, and practical skills necessary for safer pedestrian practices. It’s integrating classroom learning with real-world experiences. It’s not about granting total independence, but empowering children to navigate their surroundings confidently and safely.

The CPT programme covers a range of essential road safety topics across a theory and practical session. Children will delve into understanding road signs and their meanings, mastering the Green Cross Code, navigating road crossings, identifying safe routes to cross, and always staying vigilant and aware.

Our instructors, trained and supported by Active Devon, will conduct classroom-based theory sessions and practical roadside exercises. With a focus on one class at a time, each session will span two hours, ensuring ample time for immersive learning experiences.

Once the school booking has progressed, parents will receive letters outlining the Walkability training. After completion, each child will take home a booklet summarising their newfound knowledge and valuable resources for parents to reinforce good practices.

Schoolchildren being shown how to safely cross a road by an instructor as part of Walkability, a Child Pedestrian Training programme for Primary schools across Devon.

The Free Walkability Training is Open to Primary Schools

Participation in the Devon Walkability CPT Programme is currently free of charge. The training is funded by Devon County Council, so is open to all primary schools across the Devon County Council area. If your school is interested, simply fill in the Expression of Interest form, via the link below. You will then be contacted by one of our Walkability Coordinators.

Listen to Local Teachers Talk About Walkability

The short video below includes several teachers from various schools across Devon talking about Walkability from a primary school perspective:

Get in Touch

If you have any queries or would like to discuss the programme further, please don’t hesitate to contact our Walkability Coordinators, Emily Moore and Louise Marshall, at the Active Devon office. You can reach us at 01392 925150 or via email at walkability@activedevon.org.

“Join us in shaping a safer, more pedestrian-friendly Devon for our children, one step at a time.”

*A reminder that parents remain completely responsible for how their child gets to and from school. Parents/carers with their children need to decide when they feel it is appropriate for their child to walk to school alone and in some cases in line with the schools’ rules and policies.