We Should Value Physical Activity, Exercise and Our Health

During these unusual times of the coronavirus outbreak physical activity is high up on the agenda.

In this latest Podcast, Active Devon’s Gareth Dix chats to Dr Kay Brennan, who is an advocate of physical activity. In fact, Dr Kay Brennan’s whole career has been focussed towards helping people to get active and stay active.

During this Podcast Dr Brennan talks to Gareth about the many ways she is involved with physical activity. Touching upon how she supports people during her day to day clinical job as a North Devon Military GP. As well as her work with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and BAsem, (British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine).

Dr Kay Brennan discusses in more depth about her role as a clinical champion for physical activity, working with Public Health England. This includes supporting Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals with having those healthy conversations around physical activity and assisting them with behaviour change work. And she chats about where she thinks we are at in terms of the acceptability of seeing physical activity as a treatment option. Plus, she provides really valuable advice and links to useful resources for Healthcare Professionals and Clinicians, (listed below).

Some other key topics Dr Brennan covers include the challenges and opportunities around engaging more with the percentage of inactive people in Devon, especially during Covid-19. Chatting about her thoughts on connecting with nature, Devon’s strength in social prescribing and wellness at work. Plus, why it’s so important to be physically active, now more than ever. And, how the whole system approach and local integration can make positive changes and improvements with health and wellness.

This Podcast is extremely interesting and insightful from start to end and well worth a listen!

Useful Websites and Resources

As mentioned above these are:

“At Active Devon we passionately believe that being active is important as ever. However, safety is paramount, and it is crucial that everyone follows current government guidance if leaving their home to exercise. See here for more Guidance on Being Active, and for further advice visit Get Active at Home and Get Active Outdoors. #StayActiveStaySafe.”